Overcome plateaus, double your strength!

Are you ready to make yourself strong and fast? Or do you want to look athletic? Would you also like to prevent injuries and stay healthy while having sustainable and amazing results?

If you are an intermediate trainee, amateur athlete or professional athlete, Rebel Lifters is the place to be when you want to have high-level strength & conditioning coaching and nutrition coaching.

We make the best even better.

This is  what we do!

Rebel Lifters is providing high-quality coaching with a results-driven focus. Guided by a team of professional coaches you get sports, wellness and nutrition services. We are more than excited to support you with your goals and help members on a path to long-term health and performance.

Rebel Lifters is more than a training program. It’s a philosophy.

Are you a driven athlete, or are you planning to become a one? If you want to put your performance first and reach your full potential all while having a well-functioning body! We help you with your diet and with your strength training.

This is an online coaching program for intermediate trainees who wants to break training and fat loss plateaus with a healthy and sustainable way. So if your goal is to look and feel athletic, make progress again, and you want to have a well-functioning metabolism, this program is for you.

What is Rebel Lifters?

So you wanna get strong and confident? This is THE PLACE for you.

Rebel Lifters is a company from Helsinki Finland which provides strength and conditioning coaching and nutrition coaching for athletes and intermediate trainees. Our private gym is located in Helsinki but we also provide online coaching worldwide.

We build up this company because we wanted to do things differently. We always put the health first and because of that, we provide you the safest and healthiest road possible to reach your goal (this is not maybe the fastest way to do things but in that way, you are able to compete through your lifetime). We don’t do things in a rush, because we want to make sure you get amazing results with us.

We lift you to the next level. Be Unique. Be Rebel.

-Anu & Heikki

Contact us!

Are you interested in strength and condition online coaching? Send us a message and we get back to you as soon as possible. You can also send an email to heikki(at)rebellifters.fi.