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Power Body Project

Get an athletic look, overcome plateaus, double your strength – fully online

Are you an intermediate lifter who would like to gain better strength, stamina and also get an athletic body? You want working out to be fun, motivating and productive.

Regular working out and the basics of right nutrition are already familiar to you. You train multiple times per week, do heavy lifts with free weights and you eat healthy most of the time. But you’ve noticed how you’re not getting results and your workouts are missing a clear plan and process.

You feel uncertain about how heavy your workouts should be and how to periodize your eating.

Maybe you are having a plateau and it’s hard to get any change in body composition. For this reason, you feel like you’re losing trust in your own body and motivation is going up and down continuously.

Most of the people working out are trying to achieve their goals like this:

  • Your training started to become goal-oriented.
  • Then you decided to lose weight to show off the amazing results you’ve got from the gym.
  • After a good start, however, the weight loss stopped, so…
  • You tried to eat less, but your energy levels dropped.
  • You also tried to train more, but you couldn’t recover anymore.
  • You’ll hit a plateau and making progress stops. It seems that you can’t lose weight or gain strength…
  • You’ll get frustrated and you decide to read techique and exercise books. You take courses but you still don’t get the results that you were looking for.
  • In the worst case, this cycle will keep going for years.

Very often in this kind of operating model people will first try having strict rules and then again trying to listen to their body [which they usually fail] without clear planning. They will feel unsure of how hard they should workout, how much to eat, and they don’t know how to read body’s individual biofeedback. Did you know that the operating model above will cause you slower metabolism, plateaus and loss of motivation? It also makes you more and more confused. 

That is completely normal but there is also a way out of the plateau.

You’re not a beginner anymore so now you’re thinking what to do next. Your goal is to get an athletic outlook and make clear progress in building strength. You want to learn how your body functions and find a connection and trust in it but the clear process for doing this is still missing.

As trainers, we see how many active enthusiasts and goal-oriented trainees are trying to solve the problems with concentrating on wrong things. And we have done these mistakes too.

You are using all of your energy and free time to search for more information about working out and nutrition.

You are reading books and going on courses. You are constantly measuring your stress levels and the difficulty of your workouts with different methods.

Still, after all, making progress in working out and shaping your body composition feels hard and confusing and far from your reach.

Hopefulness will turn into being dispirited when you realize you cannot figure out everything by yourself and get into a good and strong shape.

Information is useful but we know you won’t need more information at the moment.

What you need, is a clear process and use the information you have and put it into practice. When you proceed with a clear pattern, track your progress systematically, discuss with your trainer and get individual instructions, you will start getting results both physically and mentally.

When you use your time wisely to follow the process, you’ll get more results in body composition and strength levels than before.

Power Body Project -model

You tell us what you want to do. We’ll help you do it. First, your coach will learn about your lifestyle, needs, and specific goals. Then we’ll give you everything you need to overcome plateaus, double your strength levels and look athletic.

So are you ready to work systematically and make progress with a ‘’health-first’’ attitude for the next four months?

Our pattern towards better metabolism, an athletic outlook, and a strong, healthy body looks like this:


BUILDING PHASE: Build more muscle and strength


FAT LOSS PHASE: Burn fat without fad diets




BUILDING PHASE: Build more muscle and strength

At the start of PBP online coaching, we will figure out your starting point and create a clear plan for you to achieve your goals using the method above. Workouts and nutrition will be periodized throughout the year. Instead of working hard all of the time, we will teach you how to work smart.

In this model, you’ll be in energy balance most of the year. So there will not be a pinch and save. You’ll follow a method that works and losing weight is just playing a side role even when it’s one of the goals.

As a result, you’ll have a metabolism that works well and a physically and mentally healthy body. An athletic outlook will come as a by-product.

PBP isn’t a generic online course that your friends (and maybe even you) have been following without getting any results.

PBP is an individual online coaching program where you’ll get a clear plan, the support you need and periodized workout and nutrition plan made just for you.

We want to teach you a method that you can follow also after the coaching ends.

”I learned so much. The check-in sheet always gave me new ideas of how to continue with my training and nutrition and I felt good about that.”

This is for you if:

You want to do things with a ‘’health-first’’ attitude.

You have trained in the gym over a year.

You want to have a personal plan that fits into your everyday life without going extreme and flipping your life upside down.

You want to burn fat and look more athletic.

You want to learn how your body works and how to make a connection to it.

You want to gain more strength and stamina from your gym workouts.

You want to grow stronger mentally.

You want to stop continuously over-analyzing your eating and workouts.

You want eating habits to be normal.

You want to get rid of losing weight being essential.

You are ready to work out at least three times a week at the gym.

You want to make sure that you’re doing things right and in a way that allows you to make progress in the future.

This is NOT for you if:

You’re searching for quick solutions to lose weight.

You’re not ready to work for your goals.

You’re not at all interested in working out at the gym or gaining strength.

You’ve not worked out at a gym before.

You don’t want to change anything in your doings at the moment.

If you are looking for a generic workout and meal plan.

Client testimonial - Jenni Puoliväli

Client testimonial - Jenni Puoliväli

I learned to listen to my body even better.

I’m Jenni Puoliväli, a 29-year-old doctor and a CrossFit-athlete. I also compete in Finnish Championship levels in weightlifting. I had problems with this pain in my legs and overexertion for years. Sometimes I would have phases when everything was better but after every longer period of exercising, I would get problems that would make training harder.

 What comes to nutrition, it was already pretty good when we started this coaching but some fine adjustments were made with Anu. Those adjustments made it even easier to continue eating enough and healthier. We built a strong base for the future and I feel that I learned how to listen to my body even better during the coaching.

At the moment I’m concentrating on my career as a doctor but I still want to make progress in CrossFit. I might even set some goals for competing in CrossFit later.

Power Body Project

What does this online coaching include?

Follow a plan made just for you.

Individual workout plans for the gym for the whole time of coaching.

The workout plans will change every 3-4 weeks. You’ll decide how often you’ll want to workout at the gym! We’ll build the workout plan based on that (you should workout at least three times a week though). At first, we’ll build a strong base for the basics – movability and controlling of it. This will guarantee safe working out in the future. After that, we’ll move on to harder working out technics and strength maximizing. You’ll always find something new in our working out plans and that way you’ll never get tired.

With us, you won’t do marathon sessions at the gym! You’ll always find enough energy to workout since we periodize your workouts. This way you’ll make progress but never burn yourself out.

Instructions for energy system workouts.

With your workout plans, you’ll get instructions for energy system workouts so you’ll also be taking care of making progress in the aerobic and anaerobic side.

Instructions for warm-ups.

You’ll get instructions for the right warm-ups. This way you’ll decrease of getting hurt while working out and at the same time develop movability and stability of the support muscles. With us, you won’t just bike spinning bike or do the same warm-up routine in every training program!

Instructions for macro-based and intuitive eating.

In this coaching program, you won’t keep eating too little. Our nutrition coaching is not only based on one method – we use many different approaches according to certain periods and goals. We promise we won’t give you a list of restricted foods or extreme diets. Results are not based on them. On the contrary.


Weekly check-ins for keeping a track on your progress together with the coach.

Show your progress to your coach by filling out the weekly sheet. That will help you to keep track of your progress and learn more about your own body. You’ll get feedback from the coach about your progress and requests of changes if needed, weekly.

Get the support you deserve!

Monthly coaching calls via video.

In these calls your coach will give you accountability, direction, and support every step of the way. You’ll have a meetup with your coach via video calls every 3-4 weeks when you change the workout plan. You’ll get to see the exercises and ask about them live from your trainer. At the same time you’ll go through the progress you have made the past month in working out and nutrition and make a plan for the upcoming one.


Everyday support from your coach.

You can always ask anything you have in your mind from your trainer via message and we will answer you in 24 hours from Monday-Thursday.

Mari Kaleva

My self-esteem and also my self-respect grew considerably when I got things done at the gym that I thought ‘only others do’.

When I got involved in Rebel Lifters I was quite tired of working out. Working out at the gym was nice but I didn’t have a goal and my training wasn’t systematic. I did the same things over and over again. I wanted to make progress and above all get more strength.

 I was endlessly tired of working out and eating because of outlooks. Behind everything, there was more or less (usually more) the need to stay slim.

What I got from 6 months of being in this training program was more than I ever thought. First of all, working out became fun again. The training program my trainer made especially for me made it possible for me to concentrate on the actual training. Well and entreatingly. Progress was made and I started to trust my own body more and more.

At the same time, we were wondering about eating. Firstly my goal was to eat enough and then step by step get into ‘’normal’’ eating which meant not thinking about eating and weighing the food all the time. It didn’t come without problems but the weekly conversations with Anu let me tear down my thoughts and wonder out loud what was important – staying as slim as possible or getting the energy to make progress with my workouts. I chose the second one!

At the end of the training program, I experienced (like a cliché) being reborn. I bench press, squat and do pull-ups and that is nowadays just normal stuff to me.

Now, I don’t workout to achieve some kind of result, I workout because I love it.’’

If you haven’t pressed the ”apply” button yet, here’s what you need to know.

Maybe you’re still hesitating to make a change to your eating and workout habits with the help of a trainer. Maybe you’re thinking is there something new you could learn when you already know so much. Maybe you’ve taken some online courses before without getting any results and it felt like a waste of money and time.

‘’Why do I need a trainer when I can find all the information for free online?’’
‘’You should be able to make the change by yourself!’’

The truth is, nothing happens all on our own.

You might have studied and read information about working out and nutrition but you still hit the plateau. This is because just following a diet or a workout plan is not the same as being trained by a coach.

Being coached is actually an interaction between two people.

The meaning of the coaching is to give you support and widen your thinking. It’ll give you tools to help you get over the plateau and not getting one again. The coach will create a long-term plan for nutrition and working out where the instructions and plans are following each other.

With a coach, you’ll get over a plateau a lot easier and you’ll have more time for more important things.

Our approach

We in Rebel Lifters will always put your health first and take care of your metabolism. It might not be the quickest way to low body fat or gaining a lot of strength. Instead, we will give you balance, motivation, stability, and empowerment for the long-term.

Why four months?

Our training program is for four months. Permanent results are only gotten by being patience and long-term work. In four months you’ll get to go through a whole working out cycle and you’ll notice a visible change in your strength levels and body composition. We are sure that you’ll want to keep going with the training after four months (because many of our clients already have) so we’ll offer you a chance to continue when your four months are coming to an end.

Making a change is very often seen as uncomfortable

And maybe that is the reason why you’re thinking:

‘’I’ll get involved later. I don’t think right now is the right time.’’ or ‘’I don’t need this right now’’.

But letting go of old habits, you’ll achieve what our client Mari said: ‘’At the end of the training program I experienced (like a cliché) being reborn.’’. Change is making a different choice than you made yesterday.

And you’ll probably keep thinking about this coaching for months since 97% of our thoughts are the same as yesterday.

Power Body Project


Are you ready to start?

Click the button below to fill an application for PBP-coaching program. If you’ll get approved, you’ll get an email about appointments for the free consultation phone call. In this phone call, you’ll be having a conversation with the coach about your goals and how we’ll help you to achieve them. If you’re the right person for this program, we’ll invite you to join us in Power Body Project.

MONTHLY: $450/mo with a 4-month commitment

UP FRONT: $1500 with a 4-month commitment.

We know that you want to make progress long-term and continue training after four months. At this point, you’ll get a discount for the monthly fee.

This is an investment in yourself.

Unlike the other 5 online courses you’ve taken before, this is an investment in yourself.

In our individual training, you’ll make permanent changes in operating models and thinking. The training always happens between two people, not on Facebook-groups or by watching prerecorded videos.