Power Body Project 

Application for Power Body Project online coaching

*ATTENTION! Please read before you apply.*

Thank you for your inquiry to 4 months Power Body Project Online coaching program! This is an opportunity to apply for a 30-minute consultation call which will help me evaluate are you a good fit to this coaching program and what you need in order to become the strongest version of yourself and have that athletic look you’re looking for.

I value your time as much as mine. So that’s why I only accept those who are highly motivated and committed to transforming their lives. You must be 100% committed to taking action, overcoming obstacles, and open to being coached.

If you are ready to finally break plateaus, build up your metabolism, gain more muscle and strength apply now!


On a scale 1-5, are you coachable? Are you ready to do what it takes to change, transform, improve or excel, whatever that means for you and your situation? 5 being 100% ready.

This coaching package is $1500. If we both feel like it's an absolute YES to work together, are you able to put down the financial investment required to hire a coach?